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The firm strives to meet its client’s needs using Eco-friendly and sustainable energy efficient principles. Our passion for design drives our core values which combine intellectually elegant designs that are aesthetically pleasing and visually powerful. With this focus on integrated design, the work of our practice offers modern minimalist designs that are functional, practical and comfortable for living and working environments. Acute Innovation achieves its objectives of providing exceptional services to its clients by ensuring active collaboration and continuous consultation. This interactive approach allows us to carefully assess the clients’ needs, fulfill their vision and exceed their expectations to create satisfying projects from conception to completion. To guarantee a successful communication process, we utilize the efficiency of modern virtual representation to simplify the complexity inherent in architecture and town planning.
We use PC visualization to allow ideas to find their full and honest expression in the
interaction between the built environment and its users. Within this context, virtual
relationships can foster actual experiences and change



Town Planning

- Township establishments /Demarcation of Sites
- Urban planning and Design
- Strategic planning
- Project Management
- Feasibility studies
- Policy Review and Development
- Site Acquisition


- 3D visualization and photo realistic rendering
- Structural detailing
- Contemporary buildings
- Additions and alteration
- Commercial buildings

Building Construction

- Building Package
- Renovations
- Additions and alterations
- Project Management

Geographical Information Systems

- Development of GIS-based management information systems
- Data integration, including aerial photography and satellite imagery
- Development of GIS-based internet applications
- Production of high quality 3-D maps

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