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- Architectural Design - Building Construction - 3D


The Aloes Estate | Polokwane


2019 - 2020

Design Brief.

Our client has an inordinate fondness for water. The design of this modern minimalist house had to conform to those standards. Water is life, we had to give this one some life.

Exterior Concept.

The reservation of indigenous trees such as the Marula and Acacia was our first priority in the design. By using glass as a substitute for brick walls we managed to help meet the client's brief. The see-through glass will help in standing in the rain without having to be outside, another way for our client to enjoying the nature life of the outside world in the comfort of their home.

Interior Concept.

The interior concept of the design continues with the exterior design aesthetics. The contemporary white color that is on the  continues on the inside with the same subtle gesture. this helps light reflect well and


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