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LKG Residence


Kgaugelo Maruma


- Architectural Design - Building Construction - 3D


The Hill Eco Estate | Polokwane


2019 - 2020

Design Brief.

The client's brief was simple, straight forward and clear. She did not want a "homey" home, but instead an entertainment home for a young, vibrant and outgoing lady!
Well, being very generous with design, we simply gave her both. Having seen that she is someone who travels a lot, we had to incorporate that in the design, so she always feels like she's in a 7-star hotel in her own home.

Exterior Concept.

By using the design aesthetics of texture design, we gave the exterior an abstract design that that bold enough to make a statement.

Interior Concept.

Having to consider the entertainment part of her brief, we still managed to keep the design warm and comfy for a place to stay and live in but still manage to invite guests over and not feel cramped in a small space. The floor is wide open with a touch of exposed concrete texture that continues on the outside of the house.


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